Why build Plug?

Networking has the potential to create life-changing opportunities, but when it comes to making a new contact and exchanging social information, we found it just as tedious and time consuming as you did.

  • Create a digital social card to instantly share with your new contact

  • Choose what to share with a dynamic QR generator or send a text message, all in under 15 seconds.

  • Don't miss out on opportunities to open a route for future communication and build rapport with more people in less time.


The people you meet shape the experiences and opportunties you will have.

Import Handles

Connect multiple handles to your profile, and decide which ones you want to share with each person you meet.


From our research it usually takes anywhere between 90 & 180 seconds for people to share social information when they meet. Plug cuts this down to 15 seconds.


We realize not everyone may have Plug (yet) so we built an SMS feature that automatically composes a message with the selected social information.

Save Contacts

Plug lets you to save the social information you receive from others directly to your native phone book, backed up to the cloud.

Plug Stay Connected.


We are currently working to create a B2B product that will improve networking between companies.